Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Protection for your most valuable asset – your income.

Your income is the foundation for all your expenses and the beginning of a solid financial plan. Individual disability insurance can provide the income protection you’re missing.

Think of disability income insurance as protection for your income. What would happen if you were suddenly unable to go to work and didn’t receive your paycheck for three months? What about two years? Could you pay your bills on time and would your family have enough to meet every day living expenses? Maybe you think this would only happen if you suffered a terrible accident, but that’s not true. Did you know that one in four people will be disabled at some point during their careers?

Disability insurance to fit your life.

Disability insurance is designed to protect your income by replacing a portion of your paycheck if you’re ever too sick or injured to work Only 10% of disabilities are because of accidents. The other 90% are from illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Rest easy knowing that your expenses will be covered, keeping your lifestyle intact and your financial plan on track so you can focus on getting better.



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