Mackey Family Life Insurance Story (Twin Falls, ID)

Meet the Mackeys. James and Sue both work hard to provide a happy home for their family. After years of saving, they were able to move into a nice neighborhood with good schools. Then, on one horrible day, James was involved in a fatal car accident as he was driving home from work. Incredibly, things got even worse for the poor family. Sue found that the life insurance benefit provided in James’s medical plan wasn’t enough to cover all of the funeral costs, and they had virtually no savings. She remembered a time when they’d considered purchasing additional life insurance, but they couldn’t easily spare the money, due to their new mortgage payments. Sue shuddered as she recalled that they were only able to qualify for the mortgage because of their dual incomes. Sue also realized that the life insurance policy that they had previously put off, would have paid for the funeral mortgage, college educations, and more. Sue’s regrets swelled because the policy would only have cost them less than $1 per day. Use our life insurance calculator to find out how much insurance your family needs today.

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