Monica Conway

As President of Operations, Monica’s duties are to implement the overall vision, direction, and strategy of the company. Monica McArdle takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound analysis, strategies, and development. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through a challenge from start to finish, and assertively brings them together into a coherent whole.

She helps others expand their thinking and drive opportunities to fruition.  She is a charismatic leader who inspires action, while at the same time staying grounded in knowledge and ethics. This adds to her ability to empathize and understand client needs and explore solutions.  Clients and team members appreciate her straightforwardness, unique perspectives, and the depth of her “real world “experience.

Monica is distinguished by her ability to identify risks, goals, and opportunities and develops responsive solutions. Throughout her career, she has helped clients, define their individual financial profiles, and utilizes her talents to position them to secure their lifestyle, by addressing risk and implementing strategic pathways to achieve their destiny. She has a contagious enthusiasm and passionately believes in helping people!  She inspires them to become prouder, stronger, and financially independent.

For the past 5 years, Monica has been delivering great value to clients as a trusted advisor, helping them plan for their short-term needs, long- term goals and addressing their concerns. She is a well-organized individual, able to keep multiple priorities in mind while striving for the best outcome for her clients! With her strong attention to detail, and her ability to connect with people’s emotions, she has a compassionate way of communicating clearly with the client about possible changes. She is dedicated to the financial well-being of those she works with, and closely monitors their financial success, providing course corrections as needed, and becoming their “trusted advisor”

Monica first became interested in Finance at age 20 when she interned at Modern Woodman. During her internship, she helped analyze mathematical models of interest rates and fluctuations for making better portfolio decisions. Her experiences encouraged her to change her career from personal fitness to finance. Although, she still passionately pursues and enjoys her own personal fitness journey and inspires others in the world as well! With her many years of experience with recognized financial and insurance industry leaders, she helped thousands of individual clients identify exposures and unforeseen risks, then recommended insurance services that would benefit their individual situations. She continues to broaden her knowledge and professional skills, through her avid pursuit of ongoing industry education and non-fiction reading.

As a supportive Partner and Mother (Step, Adoptive, Foster, and fur babies) with strong family values, believes whole-heartedly in ‘the “Golden Rule” in her life and business. Monica takes special care to ensure that she understands the needs and dynamics of every single client and is always there. Her commitment and desire to work closely with her clients; planning their financial future, rather than just helping them insure their homes and auto, lead her to include financial services. Now expanding on that vision has led her to develop Conway Financial!

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