Queenie Conway

Queen Believes no Pawject is too Ruff to handle, She brakes all tasks down into bite-size pieces. Queenie approaches every pawject with positivity and cheerful energy and likes to be involved in every touchpoint of a pawject. Queenie is also a good listener but speaks up on important matters, making Queenie a valuable addition to Conway Financial. 

She is an aspiring innovator who works best in a dynamic environment. 

She keeps Conway Financial on the Barking edge with her Keen sense to sniff out new innovations.  Queenie leads the way in company diversity creating an environment that embraces all differences, Rather Sex, Race Creed, or Breed.

With the uncertainties of Life, Queenie knows it can become a dog-eat-dog world.

She is here to make Dog Gone Sure you can Make a Better Way of life With Conway Financial. 

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